Devotion Brass Bell Eucalyptus Bundle


A small bundle of Eucalyptus, a sticklet of Selenite, a brass Bell, a stick of Palo Santo, second-hand pink and purple Yarn and Fabric.

How to Use

Unwrap the fabric and yarn and separate from the wood and the eucalyptus. To use the palo santo, take one piece and light it. Blow it out and let it smoke, repeat as desired. Similarly, for the eucalyptus, light one end, blow it out, and leave it on a heat safe surface to smoke. Do not leave unattended.

Details We Love

Each bundle has a unique look, no two are exactly alike. They are all wrapped up by hand in our Rochester, NY studio. Every piece is one of a kind, the size of the eucalyptus, palo santo, and crystals varies, as we work with natural materials.

Ethics & Sustainability

We source our eucalyptus from a small farm south of LA. They are a first generation family business from Mexico. We also buy directly from growers when possible, financially support farmers and businesses whose beliefs and practices align with ours, and keep in contact with the USDA on sustainability.

Giving Back

Each piece is wrapped in vintage string and fabric that is purchased from a local non-profit which sells vintage and deadstock sewing and crafting materials, where proceeds go back to the community, providing sewing and textile-based classes, as well as job training.