Catherine Rising, founded in 2009, is a collection of home goods and gifts designed and produced in Rochester, NY, sold in shops worldwide. Our one of a kind products are designed and produced in our studio, or made in collaboration with like minded artisans and farmers. Our line draws inspiration from natural elements, craft, and a focus on bringing beauty to everyday life. All of our pieces are assembled with care, by our close-knit team of women employees.

Our floral and incense bundles are wrapped in vintage fabric, string, and yarn that is purchased from a local non-profit which sells secondhand and deadstock crafting materials, where proceeds go back to the community, providing sewing and textile-based classes, as well as job training. Our flowers and grasses are sourced through various growers throughout America, sometimes even from our own backyards for limited edition products.

The palo santo that we use is sustainably sourced in Ecuador by a company with a strong reforestation program, and our eucalyptus is harvested and bundled on a small family farm south of LA. Our rope incense is fair trade, from Nepal, it’s handmade in small batches by women artisans, who keep ancient techniques alive. The ropes are then wrapped into finished bundles in our studio. Our stick incense is rolled by hand in Mexico using the best resins and oils, then counted and bundled in sets which we sew into recycled paper packaging. Our studio team is responsible for making all our apothecary goods, which we hand-blend and pour from top quality materials, like olive oil and coconut oil, as well as beeswax and essential oils. We are proud of our pieces, and we hope that it shows in every order.