Hand Rolled Rope Incense


Lokta paper, powdered Incense.

How to Use

Using our Rope Incense Burner, place the brass hook upright in the center of the dish, hang a single incense rope, light the base of the rope, blow out, and let smoke. Wiping clean after each use is recommended.

Details We Love

Every bundle has a unique look, no two are exactly alike, though each scent is packaged in only one coordinating color. Himalayan Cedar - Mauve, Woodland Juniper - Rose, Sandalwood - Crimson, and Sun Canyon - Gold.

Ethics & Sustainability

Our rope incense bundles are fair trade, from Nepal. They're created in small batches, hand made by women artisans, who keep ancient techniques and practices alive.

Giving Back

Each piece is wrapped in vintage string and fabric that is purchased from a local non-profit which sells vintage and deadstock sewing and crafting materials, where proceeds go back to the community, providing sewing and textile-based classes, as well as job training.